Simply Integrate! The few-body problem and other selected topics in computational physics, 1st edition


  • p. 13, sec. 1.4, line 1, english text: should read "... where x_0, v_0, x_1 and v_1 ..." (noted by Dr. J. Wang)
  • p. 28, sec. 1.5.4: The FOR loop index in the algorithm box for the composition scheme should run from 1 to n-1.
  • p. 85, sec. 4.1.2: The upper and lower limits of the summation for the trapezoidal rule are wrong.
  • p. 100, solution of ch. 1, task 5: the time and distance of shortest separation may be wrong and not consistent with Szebehely & Peters (1976) (noted by Dr. S. J. Aarseth)