Library of Review Articles and Lecture Notes in Stellar Dynamics

Star Clusters

Hut et al., Binaries in globular clusters
Meylan, Heggie, Internal Dynamics of Globular Clusters
Portegies Zwart, McMillan, Gieles, Young massive star clusters

Stellar Dynamics

Gurzadyan, 10 key problems in stellar dynamics: in retrospect
Heggie, Problems of Collisional Stellar Dynamics

Galactic Dynamics

Buta, Galaxy Morphology I
Buta, Galaxy Morphology II
Kormendy, Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies
Binney, Dynamics of secular evolution
Athanassoula, Bars and secular evolution in disk galaxies: Theoretical input
Shlosman, Cosmological Evolution of Galaxies
White, Formation and Evolution of Galaxies: Les Houches Lectures
Efthymiopoulos, Voglis, Kalapotharakos, Special Features of Galactic Dynamics
Dobbs, Dawes Review 4: Spiral Structures in Disc Galaxies
Pasha, Density-Wave Spiral Theories in the 1960s. I
Pasha, Density-Wave Spiral Theories in the 1960s. II
Sellwood, Dynamics of Barred Galaxies
Sellwood, Dynamics of Disks and Warps
Jog, Combes, Lopsided Spiral Galaxies


Altmann, Portela, Tél, Leaking Chaotic Systems
Simo, Dynamical properties in Hamiltonian Systems. Applications to Celestial Mechanics

Integrators and methods

McLachlan, Quispel, Six lectures on the geometric integration of ODEs
Springel, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Astrophysics
Springel, High performance computing and numerical modelling

Special topics

Merritt, Loss Cone Dynamics
Merritt, Stellar Dynamics and Black Holes
Merritt, Dynamics of galaxy cores and supermassive black holes
Amaro-Seoane, Stellar dynamics and extreme-mass ratio inspirals