Simply Integrate! Gallery

All movies were made out of individual pictures with mencoder. They can be watched, for example, with VLC media player.

Movie: POVRAY visualization of the Figure Eight Three-Body Problem (Moore C., 1993, Phys. Rev. Lett., 70, 3675; Chencincer A., Montgomery R., 2000, Annals of Mathematics, 151, 881).

Movie: POVRAY visualization of the Ducati Three-Body Problem (Martynova, A. I., Orlov V. V., 2009, Astron. Lett., 35, 572).

Hénon-Heiles movie (Hénon M., Heiles C., 1964, Astron. J., 69, 73): Short MPEG4, Short WMV2 (for Windows Media Player), Long MPEG4. These movies have been created with gnuplot from 400 / 1500 data files for surfaces of section calculated with my toycode within a few days on a 3 GHz Pentium PC.